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My Fiverr gig doesen't appear in search results after updating thumbnails


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One of my gig is also not appears in search result. and i checked the status of my gig and it shows that "your gig is under review team and it may take up-to 30 days to approve "…

may be there is also this scene with you…

Mine still says it is active in the status, I hope it doesn’t go under review like yours, best of luck to you!

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Hi and welcome to the forum ,i don’t think this is a bug. Should’ve posted this in #Your-Fiverr-Experience:my-fiverr-gigs , I’d like to tell you that i just posted an answer to the same question ,the search bar is really useful if you type in your problem you’ll definitely find great topics that are talking about the same problems you might be facing.
Here’s one

Fiverr doesn’t have to show your gig on the first pages all the time.
Most of the time my gig is the first one on the first page, but sometimes fiverr rotates them and letting other sellers even without any level or sales to be on the first page to give them some boost and chance to get their piece of revenue.

So there are slow months due to

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