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Good Client Bad Client


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hey guys have you ever had experience with good or bad clients. let me share one bad experience with you, why bad because i dont need to tell about good persons, they are amazing people. but we need to be warned about bad persons ,so here it is:

i had a very bad experience in my case, a person made some work with me it was simple data entry job and i was free so picked anyway, he said he wanted me to build a site and asked me to do this job meanwhile he prepare fund for website development.

after everything was done, and i entered some data 25 records in his site and checked the site was not showing on so i informed him and he paid me.

then he asked me to create a software and prepare demo for it ,so i did. and after wards he told me he havent need that, and asked me check his wordpress site and then he started asking me payback his 5$ because i never done anything for him.

such is my experience with spammers, i think fiverr must have a block user like feature, i have worked 11 hours and in return i got torture.

so what was your experience.

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