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Buyers beware


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Hi Everyone,

I noticed a little “scamming” recently and was wondering if anyone has ran into this. My gig:


has been up for quite a while now and I have done well with it, but recently I had a message from a person who wanted to pay me to write, yet won’t order a gig. He wanted “sample articles.” I stated that he must order and he never did.

I wanted to spread the word here, and I will let others know because I think he wants free content for his website.

Thanks! And good luck on your fiverr endeavors!

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Are you sure that he didn’t want examples of previously posted writings online? I usually do this when asked. I just throw pdf’s of Google authorship-ed stuff in a message.

Yes, scamming is prevalent. I was once threatened by a buyer to refund her money, or be faced with negative feedback. I didn’t do it because I had already over-delivered and spent countless email time talking back-and-forth with the chucklehead about her endless requests for a multitude of hoops that she wanted me to jump through for $5. In my mind, SHE owned ME more money. lol

I don’t give in to threats. Never have. Never will. It wasn’t the $5. It was her attitude. If I gave in to her, then she would just move on to someone else and try to scare and manipulate them. That someone could be YOU.

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