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Tips for selling


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  1. I suggest first checking your gigs and profile for grammatical issues.

  2. Inspire confidence by taking the default fiverr course that tells you how to best do this and then doing that.

  3. Ask a real price.

    5 Bucks for a creative brochure, flyer or restaurant card is pure theft on the buyers part if you are any good. According to your ratings, you are a good designer! A low price means there is little to expect, by asking only 5 bucks for a design is like saying you’re no good or something isn’t on the up and up. You’re a designer. Real design is expensive, not cheap

  4. Based on your profile picture, Would you hire you?

    Imagine you’re looking to hire and got 100 applicants. You only have their pictures not their qualifications. Out of all those people. Who would you hire and why? Get your picture to look like that.

I’m not saying my picture is a good example. In fact, I need to get a good picture ASAP! haha!

@mariashtelle1’s picture is actually a good one since it gives me the impression she’s a positive person. Which makes me more inclined to hire her over you based on picture alone.

Gig images are like that too.

We’re in the same boat you and I. I’m sharing with you my own list of things that I’m currently working on to improve. Technically, both of us show we’re up to par, and perhaps even ahead in some fields than our competitors.

The problem is we need to stand out. That’s a whole new science for both the gigs and the profiles.

Each category your gigs belong to have different ways in which you can stand out. I’m used to freelancing by networking in person, not by standing in the middle of a crowd. That shows in my gigs as well as my work.

As a result, we need to reinvent each of our gigs and our profiles until we do.

Luckily you still have gig slots left, you can use those to draft up new and improved gigs before actually launching them. That way your current gigs will stay up, and you only need to switch them out for a better one or replace their content if the adjustments are minor.

The best part of this is that when you manage to stand out on Fiverr, you do so everywhere. So figuring this all out is going to improve your portfolio by massive amounts! Not only will you have great technical skills but the presentation there of is going to be fantastic! 🙂

I hope this post will help!

If not, try looking at other posts like this and the gigs people share with them.

Then ask yourself, what do you think needs to be improved for them and apply the same ideas and logic to your own.

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