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Withdrawal to Indonesian Bank Account


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For fellow Indonesian fiverr users, please share here for information regarding the withdrawal option that is more beneficial (less fee/percentage cut)

My experience:

  1. withdraw to paypal -> Jenius e-card (visa credit card)
  • exchange rate from the bank itself (3% higher than paypal)
  • minus withdrawal fee to visa CC = $5
  1. withdraw to paypal -> BCA or any other bank account
  • exchange rate 3% lower
  • no withdrawal fee for a certain minimum amount of withdrawal

But since November, I can’t seem to use the bank’s own exchange rate, and paypal will automatically use their own exchange rate… which is 3% lower

In my experience it is a pretty big cut.

For those who has experienced other method such as:

  • fiverr revenue card
  • bank transfer (directly from fiverr --> payoneer --> bank account)
  • paypal to digibank

Please share your experience here!


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