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Buyer Wants to Discuss on Phone


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I’m new as a Seller. I have a “build a website” gig and a buyer said "

once I sign up can we communicate by phone ? its a bit frustrating to explain things in here"

What would you say to the customer? Is this against FIVERR TOS?

I really prefer not to spend time on the phone.

I own a business, and I’m VERY BUSY! I cannot and will not spend time on the phone for a $5 gig. I’d rather not do the gig.

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I would tell them exactly that. It is against TOS and a feature not available at this time. It may help to include a short questionnaire to gather the important details for a more consultative discussion, but as you hinted, how much time does $5 buy? ($4 after fees)…

I have told many prospective buyers that I cannot complete their gig due to TOS issues or that the volume of work they are requesting is not covered within the purchase of their requested amount of gigs. I usually offer them an alternative solution, if available, and move on. If they don’t respond further, I don’t worry about it.

Not sure how long you have been with fiverr, but the gigs will come and regular client relationships will be formed. Unless you need that $4 to pay the bills today, I would politely provide them some of the information I mentioned above and move on.

This is a good example of some of the issues you may encounter with your gig though and you may want to consider putting in a little bit of time developing a process to resolve the issue (templates, questionnaires, etc.). That may help in alleviating some of the communication frustrations and prevent the situation from becoming a recurring issue.

Best of luck!

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I got many buyers ask me to contact them directly for long term work, but i politely told them it is against the TOS, most of them understand and communicate withing fiverr system.

So it is best to explain them politely and things will work out for sure 🙂

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