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I got this First Job at 25$ on FIVERR...HOW DOING WORK?


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I think he wants you to do some online marketing for him. Learn a bit about it, and then finish the job. (One suggestion)
In future, please clearly specify the problem and specially your gig so that others can help you the best way possible. I said this because; I think he wants you to create a book for him to publish it on Amazon or design. Nothing is clear.
I think you got the idea.

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Cancel the order immediately.

If you said you knew how to do it then you are committing fraud.

I wouldn’t want to be your buyer and see this message you just posted.

And on the off chance they placed this order mistakenly you still shouldn’t take it.

It won’t end well either way.

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Guest humanissocial

The forum doesn’t exist to help you do work that you aren’t proficient in.

We’re here to share insights, not help you commit fraud and mislead buyers. We aren’t your teachers. If you want to learn to do something, do the work. Don’t ask us to do it for you.

And please work on your English. I can barely understand you.

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