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"New Seller" Status just doesn't cut it for Veteran Sellers


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Please stop putting “New Seller” for those that have hundreds or even thousands of reviews. This is very confusing. When I look at their profile they have been on 5r for years, so technically, they are not new. How about just “Level 0” & reserve the NEW for the actual new sellers who have never been leveled.

I’d prefer to see stats such as seller cancelled, buyer cancelled, delivered on time, etc. so that I know why the once upon a time top rated person was demoted. If they had a whole bunch of nutty buyer cancelling, it’s not the sellers fault, so it wouldn’t deter me from buying.

Sellers getting demoted for the reasons currently are rather ludacris. I just want the best sellers to stay on top, so it’s easier for me. Yes, I am being lazy but doesn’t that just make it less complicated for newbie buyers and more pleasant for veteran buyers looking for other/more sellers?

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