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Please change text in "Share Your Gig" feature


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When you use the feature, it appears as ‘Seller will (gig title) for $X’, where X is the price of the basic gig, which often is just for Y amount of (gig title).

The result of the sharing feature will be something like, e.g., “Seller will write websites, bios, ebooks for $25” while those $25 are for the basic gig which is, e.g., per 250 words of text of that, and not for a whole website or ebook.

As the price X is taken from the basic gig but the title of the gig is for basic, standard and premium, the text shouldn’t say ‘for $X’ but something like ‘starting at $X’.

Same as Fiverr isn’t anymore the place where you get digital services for $5 but starting at $5.

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