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How to build trust?


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I’m sure my gig is worth $ 5. But me look and not buy. I think it’s about trust. How to build it? https://www.fiverr.com/mrkto4/create-a-logo-for-anything-9d92

I think it’s about trust. How to build it?

You can build trust by improving your gig to give confidence for buyer to order it.

Be professional, create good description without grammar errors, design high quality gig thumbnail and show your past work (As social proof.)

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You could try changing some of the text in the gig(s)
eg. changing “I will logo for website or small business” to “I will design a logo for a website or small business” or something.

The gig video in that gig says “Want a modern logo? Then you to the address”. You could change the 2nd sentence to something like “Then you’ve come to the right place”. Maybe try adding more example logo images to the gig.

If the other logo gig isn’t selling you could try altering the example logo images/using alternative ones.

Your gig “I will program the site in php yii2”. Maybe change the title in that as “the site” doesn’t say which site. eg. it could say “your site” instead of “the site” maybe. The gig image isn’t very clear (at least to me) what it’s about, also the image is cropped on the profile due to the aspect ratio. You could maybe change it to show more website/programming type imagery.

Also if you’re not getting orders you can send offers to buyer requests that you can do.

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