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Withdrawal temporarily disabled


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Hello Everyone,
I have been facing an issue. My withdrawal procedures are temporarily disabled and it has happened after the TOS violation. The CS has advised me to check out the recent order. As per their advice, I did that. Lastly, the client with whom I was facing issue has been sorted out. Meanwhile, I have explained this to CS.
Did a situation like this happen to anyone out there? This is the first time I am facing this and it is really freaking me out. Can anyone tell me when will the issue get sorted out?

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Please share all information clearly.

I received an email that stated my account has been flagged. Soon after I see that the Withdrawal Procedures are disabled.

the E-mail stated that I have violated the ToS by misusing the Delivery Button. But that was completely out of a mistake. I have even discussed the matter with the client whom I was working on the project. she had no issue and she asked me to attach the right file granting me 1-day extra time.

I then delivered the project and she accepted it offering me a 5-star review.

I have informed the CS that the matter has been solved but I still cannot find any help. Will this mistake have a serious effect on my whole profile?

Thank you.

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