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Quality and Time: How to balance it?


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Hey there,

I’m happy to have delivered my first orders with satisfied clients. However, I spend too much time and effort to deliver the images. It’s not economical, so I need to charge more or deliver worse quality images. Since I want to produce high-quality imagery, I would need to charge a lot more and would most likely end up with no orders at all due to the low rank of my gig.

How are you guys dealing with gigs like that? Did you grind it out until you got to a Fiverr-level & reputation, where charging more made sense? Or did you put up your gigs with high prices on the market from the start and succeeded with it?

Would love to hear your experience!


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Right now you should focus on attracting more orders, getting more reviews, then you can focus on higher prices. You should be charging $10 instead of $15 on your lowest package.

You should also develop time management skills. Deliver the highest quality in the shortest possible time. Deliver work you’re proud of, and don’t obsess with the little details, don’t overthink your work.

If you need more time, change your delivery dates from 3 to 5 or 7. You can always deliver early if you finish early.

Right now I’m focused on the following.

  1. Avoid scammers by using higher prices
  2. Avoid bad reviews by doing a pre-delivery before the final delivery (that’s when you show your work before clicking the “deliver now” button)
  3. Make more money per order because I no longer have the sales volume I used to have. I’m getting 0 to 3 orders a day instead of 5 to 15 like I used to do when I was TRS, before the level system.
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