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If Buyer not submitted Requirments from Months


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I have been working on fiverr since 2017. and untill now its amazing.
But last month i got a problem with a buyer who didn’t submitted requirments. and even order not yet started.
I visited resolutions Center and asked him to submit requirments and got reply that he already did it.
but i can’t see anything and even order is still saying. waiting for buyer’s requirments.
i text him multiple time please submit requirments.
but no response.

anyone please guide or help me?

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I am not sure what the magic number for an order to sit on your dashboard before CS will cancel it and not have it affect your account. One solution may be to contact CS and ask if you can have them cancel it without affecting your stats. :thinking:

Thanks for your guidance. will wait for him to submit… 🙂

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