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I'm new for fiverr kavii

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hello. i’m new for fiverr. why not come order and byure rquest

why not come order

If I were a buyer looking for a seller to do the kinds of work you offer, I would pick one that had an original profile description.

Your’s seemed odd, so I used google to search for the wording of the second and third lines. It turns out your profile description is copied from a website that describes what a graphic designer does.

If you want orders, please consider creating a profile of your wording. Also, as @coerdelion suggested, be sure to have your spelling checked.

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You’ve listed your off-site contact details in two of your gig descriptions. You’ll need to remove those details, as it’s against the Terms of Service to do business off of Fiverr.

As for buyer requests, you’re probably not seeing any as you’re an unlevelled seller. Keep checking the section. Some might show up eventually.

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