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Refund process / seller did not meet guidelines


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Hey, this is my first time using fiverr. I paid someone $300 for animation of graphics I provided, as well as UI and web design. They took it upon themselves to create new graphics that are of poor quality and don’t incorporate the specific elements I sent them to use.

I have received the first draft / layout of the site after four days, and I am absolutely underwhelmed by what I received. I discussed the aesthetic / style I was after with the seller, and they agreed that they understood and could create a site in this style. Additionally, they sent me a link to a particular project of theirs, and that was supposed to be the model of my site. It looks nothing like it, and I question if they even made it.

I sent a refund request over a number of concerns, and I’m waiting to hear back from the seller. Ultimately, I’m concerned that they will not refund. I read that fiverr does not refund for quality of work, but if I was told they made “x” website and that my project would look similar but does not, does that count as a form of deceit?

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do other than wait? I do not think there is any resolution with the seller, since they have not provided the caliber of work that they told me they would.

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If he agreed to provide a certain thing, and he didn’t provide it, you have a valid case. He/she didn’t incorporate the elements he/she was told and, therefore, didn’t deliver what you ordered. Sellers are bound to order requirements the same way buyers are.

I’d just wait to see, but if seller really didn’t fulfill the prompt (and it’s not just quality you’re cancelling for), you should be fine. If they fulfilled the prompt, and you just don’t like the quality, you technically can’t cancel for that (though most sellers will usually just cancel).

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The first step is not to ask for a refund but to push the button for requesting a revision/modification and to tell the seller the concrete points one wants modified.

In cases of clear deceit (say, a buyer can prove that a seller simply copied and delivered copyrighted content from the internet instead of writing it, or designing it themself as promised in the gig), my guess is that support would cancel for you right away, refund and review the seller. Sellers who violate the site’s terms get a warning, or suspended, depending.

In your case, that might happen as well in the end, I guess, but actually the first thing should be asking the seller for a revision, so it’s possible that support would tell you to do that if you contact them, but it’s also possible that they’ll review the case, cancel for you and refund you.

If you actually sent a cancellation/refund request to the seller via the resolution Center instead of hitting the Request Modification button on delivery, the seller can either accept your request or reject it.
If they accept, you’ll get a refund to your Fiverr balance (to use on another gig, if you want to be refunded to your payment source, you need to tell support) automatically, and the seller’s order completion rate will take a hit (can have an effect on seller level and ranking)
If the seller rejects your request, you can request again, they can reject again, … you then can keep doing that to see if they’ll eventually accept, or go to support.
Support, however, should only be the second step, after first both parties trying to solve the issue among themselves.

Hope that helped. Generally, if you have questions regarding “technical processes”, you can navigate to the “Buyer Help Center” on the main site via help button in the footer or profile icon in the top menu bar.
All the technical things are explained there, there’s a search bar too, so you can directly search for things like “refund”,
Googling for “fiverr buyer help center (add what you’re looking for)” will usually get you the desired results too.

Welcome to the forum, and better luck with your project next time!

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