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Communication is the key !!!

In modern days where we are swimming in a shark’s tank, it’s really difficult for new sellers or sellers with lower levels to grab attention of buyers. But new sellers need to get their working wheel moving otherwise what’s the point of opening account, creating nice informative gigs right ?

I just want to say, communication is the key !!!

I just started my Fiverr journey and already started working on a few projects. I just simply waited for new buyers to put job request and I apply carefully after going through the job description. Understanding what buyer wants is the key thing.

To get buyers to look into your proposal, you first need to

1. Read through the full job posting
2. Understand what buyer actually requires
3. Find out / determine if you are really able to provide professionally, whatever is asked

If you are all set, then only approach the buyer. Please use correct grammar and choose simple wordings. State clearly why you are a good fit to do the job and link a relevant gig to your proposal. It really helps if you quote your offer within buyer’s budget.

I sent 5 proposal’s so far and got 3 of those jobs. So 3 out of 5, makes it 60% success rate, which I can say is pretty good for a new seller.

Remember, clear and sharp communication is the key. Buyers find it really irritating when sellers, without even going through their job posting properly, sends proposals like this

“I do job, you give work, I do good job, I do 5 dollar”

Rather you should write something like this

“Hello Dear Buyer, I have carefully gone through the job posting and I am thrilled to let you know that I can do your job within your desired timeline and also within your budget. I am attaching a relevant gig of mine so that you can have a look at the quality of my previous works. I would be glad to get reply from you should you wish to know more about my skills or discuss about your requirement”

Hope this will help, specially if you are a new seller. Let’s sell, together !!!

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