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Hi All, I am having difficulty to get my first order since a year has passed


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first you have to improve your gig.
2 always create custom offer and check daily .
3 if you create custom offer it is best for you because it always help the freelancer to get job
4 remember that if a message come then you have to reply as soon as possible because buyers has not enough time to wait for you he has option to chat with other freelancer and give the job to him.
5 give the right bid. not so high and not so low. if you take at low rate then it affects the rate of other freelancers.

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Your gig tag says “profesional” instead of “professional”.

The basic package description misses the “l” from “Excel”. You could add a question mark after “Are you looking for an Expert Excel Data Entry Operator”. Maybe adjusting the gig title might help.

Maybe adjust the delivery times and number of hours of work done for each package. You could also add an “extra fast” option which could be selected for a higher price. ie. you currently offer 10 hours of work for $5 but 3 hours of work for $15 even though the Premium has a shorter delivery date.

If you’re not sending offers to buyer requests you could do that. And if that one gig isn’t helping you could try creating additional gigs.

In your profile you say “I used to work smartly”. That sounds like you don’t currently.

Also the “manage gigs” option in the first post will only work for you.

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