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Getting paid in other currencies


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so some time ago I got notified by fiverr that I could receive my payment in canadian dollars too among other currencies, since I am in canada I thought wow cool I can receive money directly in CAD this way there won’t be any currency conversion rate. But when I was about to withdraw a few days ago I checked and if I had chosen to receive money in CAD directly from fiverr I would have received 676 dollars, which was a lot less than it should have been with a fair conversion rate, I chose USD, and they got converted by my bank, and I received 685 dollars! so, if choose to receive them in USD I still get more than if I choose to receive them in CAD directly from fiverr… am I missing something? what is the point of now having the option of choosing my local currency if by doing so I get LESS money than I would if I still choose to get them in USD??

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