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How can i increase my sale..?


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Maybe including the source file in the $20 package could help.

Also in the middle package you say “2” in “initial concepts included” but in the highest priced package it says “1” in “initial concepts included”.
So if you pay 3x more (to get the top priced package instead of the middle priced one) you’d get less included concepts.

Also, for revisions, the middle-priced package gives 3 revisions, and though in the top package description you say “UNLIMITED revisions”, in the
“revisions” field for that package it says “0” (for no revisions).

All the packages have the “high resolution” field ticked, and the help for “high resolution” says “at least 2000 px, 300 dpi” (and by “2000 px” I assume they mean on 1 or both axis’, not x*y).
but in your gig description you say

In this gig you will get:

Deliver 1000px X 1000px Design in JPG & transparent PNG formats.

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