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I think this seems like a reasonable option at first glance, however I believe it could be something that is easily abused. When you elect of specified timeframe for completion of your gig, it should take into account any reasonable interruptions.

For instance, my voiceovers are listed at a 4 day delivery. I typically have them done within a day or so, so that leaves me with time to get sidetracked or take care of other things without being pressed for time. If I were to list my gig at a 2 day turnaround, there would be times that I would be up against the clock or have to shift my personal schedule around to make sure I make my deadlines. I keep it at 4 days to allow for any minor issues that come up and set my client expectations. When I deliver ahead of schedule it is more of a bonus for them.

In the event of an unforeseen issue such as a bad illness, injury or accident, open communication is the key to extending gig times. If I were to become extremely ill on the day someone requested a gig, I would let them know the situation immediately and work out alternative arrangements for extending the delivery time. If they cannot wait, then I would cancel the gig with the understanding that I am unable to deliver within their requirements and move on.

If they can wait, the open forum of communication will make them more understanding to the situation and not be worried about receiving a late delivery and canceling the gig.

A late delivery here and there will not hurt your ratings detrimentally. I have been late before and kept my clients up to date with my situation and progress and they have been very understanding and appreciate the open communication. This has actually helped me build long term clients because they can trust I will be open with them and communicate the current situation.

If you find yourself frequently requiring more time than you have advertised for delivery, you may need to reevaluate your promised delivery timeframes.

That’s just my two cents!

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