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New fiver seller, how to get my first purchase?


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Guest cubittaudio

i have, nobody is willing to purchase

nobody is willing to purchase

Nowhere in your gig do you demonstrate your value. Your gig images are 3 random images, not even a Before/After. So as a potential buyer, I have no way of understanding how much of the Photoshop Work was done by you. In fact, because of the images you’ve chosen, it’s hard to actually tell what Photoshop work is actually being featured in the images. Did you amend them in some way? If so, what did you do?

Why should people buy from you? What do you offer, that’s unique, or better than anyone else here on Fiverr? There are THOUSANDS of people offering the same thing you offer. Why should I spend my money with you?

(Hint; you don’t need to answer these questions here, but you really do need to answer them on your gig)

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Hello and welcome here. i think you will find this topic from me really helpful

Hello Fiverr community! My name is Maria and i am a photographer and photo editor/ graphic designer. I would like to share with you some tips for super gigs that i have noticed they worked for me and also other sellers. Check them out and dont hesitate to add some of your tips down below! So my tips are: Make a little research about the hastags you should use. Find a smart, nice, clear, small title for your gig. Keep it simple! Evaluate your work objectively. Dont overprice but also don…

I wish you all the best luck
Maria S.

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