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My fiverr gig please help me


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Hi jisandelawar!

The first thing I noticed was the language in one of your gig titles – it says “I will need the ugliest, corporate technology logo”. This doesn’t really make any sense, I don’t understand why you’ve written “I will need” when you’re the person who’s selling your service. Furthermore, I don’t know why you’d describe your work as “ugly”? Surely that’s the exact opposite of what a customer would be looking for!

Speaking more generally, the logo design market on Fiverr is one of the largest and already has thousands of sellers. Because of this, you might find it difficult to get sales – perhaps a good strategy would be to target smaller, niche markets, so that there would be less competition? Like, instead of selling a general purpose corporate logo, you could sell – for example – a christmas-themed logo, or something like that!

One thing I’d also be careful about is offering unlimited revisions – sometimes you might get people who abuse it and take advantage of you & your work! If you’re confident that you can deliver high quality work, then there shouldn’t be any need for you to offer unlimited revisions, and this is something the buyer might think about before they order. If you don’t have confidence in your own work, how can the buyer?

Finally, it might be a good idea to add a gig video to your gig page! A video is a great way to make your gig stand out from the competition, while also establishing a personal connection with your buyer.

Hope that helps! I know I’ve given you a lot to work on but the rest of your stuff is set up great!

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