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2020 Forum Plans (Community Input)


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Hey @mjensen415 !

Oh man I’ve been waiting for this thread forever LOL.

First off, I love Fiverr. Been with you guys forever. Fiverr is by far my favorite platform to give psychic readings on. I am very proud to work here. It gives me alot of flexibility to juggle law school and making money on the side.


  1. Not sure if you guys still do this, but do you send out emails to customers every month or so about taking a look at similar gigs that they have purchased? For example, if someone buys a psychic reading from X, they might get an email a couple of weeks later about other similar psychic readings they may want to check out? I used to get told about these emails and they did really help boost sales in my opinion.

  2. Have you guys reconsidered bringing back the feedback modification button yet? I think we’ve all run into some “not-so-easy-to-please” customers. I think a chance to talk to (but not coerce/pressure) the customer after they have left a negative review could help people, especially the newbies, to build good reviews. I feel the whole feedback/reviews system still has alot of grey areas to be honest. Alot of us are hesitant to even mention the words “reviews” and “feedback” for fear of getting in trouble. Maybe a set system of what you guys consider is negative feedback or harassment, abusive behavior, etc. would be neat.

    I DO like the review system that we have alot more now. I still remember back in the day when people would cry about the thumbs down/thumbs up system. I just feel the review system is less stressful than it was before. If I get a negative review now, I don’t feel bummed out as I did before in the past.

  3. For some reason my Reiki gig got removed. I guess you guys won’t allow this anymore. Could you please let us bring back our Reiki healing gigs? This has helped alot of my customers out and brought in good income as well. Not sure why this was removed.

    Edit: I was told Reiki healing is still allowed. I just messaged support so maybe I can set up my Reiki healing gig again.

  4. There are many gigs in the search engine that don’t really look active or just look really spammy/have super jarbled English and are placed very high on the search engine. While I don’t have anything against sellers who have poor english, etc. I feel these kind of gigs turn potential customers off. If I were to hop on a site with a bunch of gigs that have poor/jarbled English, it would drive me off the site. I just wouldn’t take the site very seriously. I feel as if some of these gigs should be sorted out to pave way for sellers who have good reviews, experience, and/or have polished/understandable gigs.

  5. Maybe you guys can find out ways to help bring in more profit for us sellers. When we profit, the site profits.

That’s all I can think of for now lol.

Thanks @psychicbunny! I can pass along these Fiverr website suggestions to our product team. If you have any feedback about the forum, I’d love to hear that too.

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Thank you everyone. Lots of amazing feedback here. I love it all

Closing this thread and opening a new one with links to my notes from everyone’s suggestions.

Thank you, everyone, for taking the time to let me know what you’d like to see happen in the forum. Truly amazing the scope of suggestions. This is meant to be a transparent process for the Fiverr community. In that vein, I’m sharing the google doc where I’m compiling everyone’s input. This will also have my suggestions, comments, and status of each suggestion. This is a living document that I’m still currently building out, so please be patient as I sort through everyone’s post comments. :sl…


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