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Just started Fiverr / So much SPAM


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H in everyone, I'm new in here. I think all the messages I received are spam. Can anyone help me. For example here is one.  And what do I do , because I don't want to get bad rating? Thank you all. 


Hello we have data entry, writing and transcription job for you if you are ready to work with us search for @Francis_luna_BPS on tel(gram) for more info about the project details okay

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I'm new to Fiverr. The spam messages are too much. I roughly receive 1 spam message directing me to telegram every other minute. That's a lot of unnecessary time wasted reading and deleting messages. I expected spam, but if I left my account alone, I am certain my inbox will be flooded with spam messages at the end of the day.

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Hi all, I just joined Fiverr as a seller! I'm sad to update this thread that even in 2024, my first week is being overwhelmed with only spam messages. 😞
I got so happy in the beginning thinking it was someone real that was interested in my gig. And now I'm super wary of each message, though they begin to look similar in their ways.

I was checking the articles on Fiverr, and it's important to mark the message as spam asap, so it doesn't affect your response rating. Good luck to all of us❤️ 

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