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Who is maker of gig ranker


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Share a funny story.
A Bangladeshi IT expert has traveled to India to attend a conference. He flew to Uber from the airport to the hotel. To him the driver seemed very smart and educated. After exchanging skills, he asked if he was a computer engineer, asking for educational qualifications. However, since the Bangladeshi people belong to the IT sector, it did not take long for the driver to talk. It is learned that Uber is particularly efficient in Java programming.

The question is natural, why is he running Uber, where he could do a better job? His answer is, far more income from the job, he does from Uber. The chance to get his trip from other riders is high, and the income is high. Because Uber is built with Python, Node.js, with Java. He knows these things very well. Whether or not he works out exactly how Uber’s algorithm works. As a result, his trip is many, and the income is also very high. That would not have been possible with the job. Because there are so many IT specialists in India, it is very difficult to get good pay in the beginning. So he’s pretty good at driving a taxi to Uber. Independent occupation, no hassle. He found the laptop on his laptop coding in his mind when he found the time. His intention is to join Google or Microsoft one day. The story ends here! The reality is that if anyone knows even a part of how a site or search engine works, it should not take too long to succeed. This is actually the job of those SEO experts.

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