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Submitting my website login access info


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Question: In having someone do a gig that requires login access to my website, how does this process work and what assurances do I have that they won’t mess something up on my website or are just out to cause havoc totally destroying someones website. I really don’t want to go through the hassle of going to the back up.

Thanks in advance.

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Fiverr’s ToS prohibits the sharing of any type of contact info, so giving someone your e-add or log-ins falls in that realm. Does it happen? Sure. How the parties share the info is your guess.

The other question is what assurances do you have that they won’t mess something up on your website? Well you don’t have any assurance, anymore that your mechanic won’t mess up something on your car.

Back up is the prudent thing to do and should be done often. Providing the person with a separate log-in, with limited functionality can be achieved as well, and deleted at will.

Otherwise, it comes down to trust. Pick your Seller wisely.

Good luck!

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