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Hi guys! I'm a 17 years old new Fiverr user!


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My name’s Safir first of all, from Indonesia. I’m still at high school (6 months into grad!!) My hobbies since i was 8th grade was creating animations at After effects, some designing, and photography. Now, i’m really good at it, and maybe i could use that skill to make some money.

My friends and some of my family told me that i’m really good at it and i should’ve been paid for doing that. Because most of the time, i’m creating those for people for free! Because of that, i’m going to try Fiverr and hope i could generate some money for what i do! Wish me luck!

I’m open for suggestions by the way. Any form of advice i’ll take since I’m very new at freelancing and bussiness in general. Thanks all!

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