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Have you ever come across a rude buyer?


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Have you ever come across a buyer who isn’t good at all? Like isn’t responding well or making you feel inferior in some way?

I believe if anyone coincides with a rude buyer, it’s better to stick strictly to your professional ground. Reverting in an equivalent tone won’t serve any purpose. Best wishes for future orders.

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Yes, it’s normal to face a rude buyer once in a year. I have faced twice. The one was abusive to me which I reported to CS & they suspended his account immediately & the other one was not even replying to me about in which part he is asking modification & after applying for nine useless modifications finally he said just change the logo, I don’t have time to waste on you by replying to your messages. You wasted your own time by not mentioning what should I modify? If he would have aware me of the change in first modification request then he might have save his “precious time”. But I stick to my professional grounds & stayed polite for which I was awarded at the end of order with my revenue instead of facing an order cancellation by behaving same with him.

Most of the times there are polite & understanding ones. So we should ignore rude ones & move on.

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