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Help me be like Pinky and the Brain and get 100% world domination and get a bonus


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I’m at 48% world domination. Anyone who orders any one of my basic gigs from one of the countries I need to increase my world domination will get free access to my new 2014 Gig and gig extra on how to add three new revenue streams to your business. This is really a $95 value that is currently available on fiverr for $15.

It’s like a buy 1 get 4 offer.

I have taken a screen shot, so I know what nations I need. If your profile fits, order with confidence.

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VOW, I think I’m going to hire an impressionist to make me an audio for this campaign. It’s been going well so far.

I got this email today:

startselect left you a message in your inbox:

"Hey fighter, I’m nicaraguan and I’m guessing my country is not in your map yet. I’m a level 2 seller looking to get to top rated and if your gigs will help me expand my business I will be happy to purchase them. What gig do I need to purchase to help you out and what do I get as a bonus exactly? "

He was correct!

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In two days I’m 1% closer to world domination 🙂

Thanks to great people in Egypt and Nicaragua.

Startselect from Nicaragua found me from this thread. The person from Egypt I found by doing a search for "Fiverr"and “Egypt” in google.

I found a new seller and offered to do a gig trade to help them get leveled up.

This also fits my “In Da Club” for helping new sellers on Fiverr. So it was a win-win-win.

I’m going to search some more. So far I’m batting 100% (Laugh with me as if that will continue).

At this rate, it will be Tax Day in the US before I reach world domination…

I know…good luck with that.

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I want to take the time to give one hell of a thank you to Anarchofighter. I honestly expected to get much less than I did for my purchase. Everything you said is definitely going to help me. The value of all the things you said to me is WAY over the paid price.

Most of all thanks for going the extra mile for no extra charge!

If anyone wants to learn valuable information to step their game up on fiverr this is the guy to look for. Professional and very insightful.

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