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Free-verr not Fiverr?

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Maybe this is a rant but I’m sick of being sent a customer order request for VO work with instructions on what they want and how to complete their project. As soon as I send the offer for them to confirm the gig they block me.

Truly fed up with people (seemingly) wanting to get away with artists doing work for free.

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I’m sorry this is happening. Usually, when I get a feeling someone isn’t going to be happy with a price I quote, I just invite them to order directly from my gig page.

A lot of people seem to think that if they contact sellers directly, they will somehow qualify for a magical super discount. Also, you are new and a lot of lowball buyers and scammers seem to prey on new sellers. Sorry. 😦

Keep your chin up and follow your gut. If someone who messages you seems like a time-waster looking for freebies, they probably are.

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