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More days I didn;t get new client


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When a gig is modified, it is usually pulled out of the search listings for approval. Fiverr has chosen to approve all changes to gigs in their search results. Give it a few days, and you should see your gig back in the listings, although, there is no guarantee that it will return to the same page it was on.

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I was seller label 2 but only 2% short of 90% delivery time fiverr demotion now me seller label 1 . I have completed an ordered then progress 89% delivery time after 2 day I saw again 88% after that no problem. I have buyer request 4000 + but now show only 30 I don;t know what is fault me can you help me please what should I do ?

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Hi @jabedomar

I understand how frustrated you're.

I can see you're an old seller in Fiverr.

Firstly, I will suggest you to keep or regain your old buyers so you can get some more orders frequently in every month as this types of service frequently needed by the existing buyers.

Secondly, I will suggest you to write in brief but with gist points specifically related to the buyer request details. I hope that helps to get response if they check it.


Btw, Getting orders from repeated clients gives a positive impression on your gig and profile definitely.

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6 minutes ago, jabedomar said:

I try to more and every day I apply buyer request but nobody response me more of the day I did not get new buyer can give me some tips so that I try to that way .

First, try to improve you English skills. It does not put you at the top of the list when buyers suspect that they will have a hard time communicating with you. 

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I see buyer request come front of me after 50 + apply I reload again and again but I want to see when it post and apply 0 to 10 . what should I do when 50 + apply has completed then I see and apply but buyer not response me.

any suggest please .

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