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You can help me for rank my Gig?


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@mahwishayub Did you know you are competing against 538 other sellers who will “Move Wordpress”?

The category is even more crowded than that when you switch to looking for “Wordpress Migration”. Over 1800 sellers.

I am going to guess that it would be difficult for even the best Wordpress Migration Expert to be able to gain a significant number of buyers if they were just starting out right now on Fiverr.

So what I am encouraging you to do, and this goes for everyone who has gigs in crowded markets, is to find something that you are really good at, that not very many other people are on here doing, and make that your gig.

Here is my suggestion. Go from “Moving Wordpress sites” to being a “Wordpress Advisor”, there are only 20 listings on Fiverr for people doing that search. “Wordpress Advisor” may not get as many searches as “Move Wordpress”, but at least you would be in a less crowded field where you could stand out a bit more.

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