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Account permanently disabled!


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Hi Guys,

I got my fiverr account permanently disabled yesterday for violating TOS, i was mislead by a client that his fiverr paypal was not working and he asked for my paypal id , i just unknowing the fact that it would be outside fiverr I gave the id but the buyer said its not working. and suddenly i was logged out of my account and it gave a message that my account has been disabled permanently.

I contacted CS and apologized for my unknown mistake that caused my account disabled but they replied that it would not be possible to re-activate my account. i had 4.9 star rating with good reviews. I lost everything i’m stressed my little carelessness has made me into trouble.

I asked CS whether I can create a new account with different mail , they said NO you should not. Please guys suggest me a solution for this. If I create new account will I be able to use my old account gig portfolio images in new gigs, will it cause any problem?

Please help me friends.

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Customer support said NO, so that means even if you attempt to create a new account they will ban you again, so not sure what you were looking to get as an answer here.

I am sorry for what happened to you and I cannot begin to imagine what losing my account would feel like.

But you broke the rules and you got caught.

Fiverr probably banned your entire IP range not just your email.

Asking for payment outside the platform is the most severe ToS violation.

Even though you didn’t initiate it, you did send your paypal info to the buyer when asked about it. So that means you presented them with the opportunity to pay you without using Fiverr.

This is definitely a teaching moment, first of all no one should hand over their info regardless of ToS or the platform they are on.

The “check out isn’t working for me right now” is one of the most common excuses scammers use to get you to bypass all the security the platform offers and find out your email or paypal or bank info.

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