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Two days passed after creating new gig but zero impression, zero view, zero click


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dont worry your gig will publish within 24-48 hours. if not contact customer support they will solve your problem.

and 2nd impression comes from your gig tag check them they are perfect or not for search

quote=“anamul09, post:2, topic:386483”]

your gig will publish within 24-48 hours

@anamul09 If I add a video to my listing, does the whole listing not show until the video has been approved? I have several new gigs (as a new seller), some with video and some without and none of them are showing up yet.

I saw another topic that indicated it was 5+ days waiting on video approval:

Hi There, I’m Sohel Parvez a new seller & Happy to be part Fiverr. I’ve submitted two gigs so far. First one went OK, but having an issue on 2nd one. I created the second gig 30th July but gig video still not processed. I know Fiverr take 24 hours for gig video approval, but in my case, it’s 5 days but I’m seeing “PROCESSING VIDEO…” Please advice. Advance Thanks.


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Guest badhon290

First of all it will take 24-48 hours,beside you can contact with customer support,they will active it,If you don’t get any view,impression,buyer request then change tag,change gig sub category 🙂

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