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Levels Going Down Just due to responce rate


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Hello Guys!

I just want to see how many guys are in favor of Fiverr message response time. I joined Fiverr 2012 and I was in top label. If I go with earning of my gigs its low as compared to prv. Overall rating is good as I liked… e.g. Order Completion, On-time Delivery, and Postive Rating.

But, I don’t like the response rate. Let me share a few conversations. Help me how to deal with it.

Suppose the Client message was:

  1. Hello I want to buy this gig and what is your requirement and how much it will cost.

  2. Ans(Me): Thank you for showing your interest. Sure, you can and I am available right now will cost you $5, Extra order you can choose according to gig info etc…

  3. Client: OK sorry my client doesn’t want it right now…

  4. Ans(Me): Its ok,

  5. Client: OK Thanks for understanding me…

  6. Ans(Me): welcome 🙂

  7. Client: Its ok, Never Mind: slight_smile

  8. So, what will be next… Bcz I did not ans, this rating will count in late response or not?

I hope you guys understanding this situation…

Thank you

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Response rate is based on your first reply in 24 hours. You don’t need to be last to reply after all messages, only first message counts.

OH is that? Really sound good then… I am not getting notification on phone. I am trying to fix this first.

Thank you

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What is best minimum time to answer first question. like 1 hrs 2 hrs… Mine count 5 hrs… as I can see in my status…

Mine count 5 hrs…

That’s average response time, not response rate. All it means is that on average, it takes you 5 hours to respond to a message (any message, not just the first one).

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