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Problem with delivery files


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Hello everyone. Probably someone experienced this trouble. I’m having quite often. I’m trying to deliver files, but after uploading it can show only accompanying text or just part of the files. I was advised to clean cookies or try to upload from another browser, but after that the problem haven’t disappear.
I’m using google chrome (but the problem stays with other browsers and even incognito profile of browser). Thanks so much in advance for the advice and i wish much success to everyone.🙂 Kind regards, Maria

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Do you mean it doesn’t upload all the attachments (eg. 3 files instead of 5) or that parts of the files it does upload are missing? If it doesn’t upload all the attachments you could also try uploading a .zip file with all files. Did you press deliver and they were still not there properly after that and was the issue the same on the buyer’s side?

You could upload a dropbox link too if the Fiverr files don’t always upload properly.

Also, you could wait a few seconds after it’s finished uploading to be safe before pressing deliver (if they all seem to have been uploaded). It seems to be less likely to lose attachments that way (maybe that helps ensure things properly written to disk, not still in cache or something).

It might be best to keep in contact with support with a support ticket until the issue is resolved, showing them screenshots of the issue and maybe ask for the issue to be passed on to the developers.

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