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I am new in Fiverr.. and its been more than 1 month. still not getting any quality of order.. Plz help me


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@shikha_ln Welcome to fiverr.

Here Are some tips to get more orders on FIVERR :

1: Choose the best 5 keywords about your service .
2:Thumbnails(images of gig), Should be much attractive to attract the buyers towards your gig.
3: Use the appropriate Gigs titles which explain your service, if possible use some keyword in gig title .
4: Use the keywords in the description.
5: Send offers to buyers,
6: Share your gig on social media.
Hope this will helps you more to get your order.

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Hi an welcome

This is the “Welcome” area of the Forum. According to Fiverr (quote): “Introduce yourself here but please DON’T ADVERTISE and DON’T ASK FOR TIPS AND SUGGESTIONS here. Ads will be removed and requests for help/suggestions should/will be ignored in this category.”

So, it is best that you ask such questions in the “improve my gig” category 🙂

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