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Hello, Fellowship of Fiverr!

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Hey everyone,

I’m Benjamin, I’m a Visual Artist / Multimedia Designer spreading my network into Fiverr.
I see a lot of great looking gig’s around here and decided to be a part of that.

I enjoy making new and different things which led me to freelancing, because no freelance job is ever the same and thus a fun challenge to me.

I’m currently working on building a new portfolio, setting up gigs and creating cool templates for my services. My main two interests at the moment are Photogrammetry and Games, so it’s going to reflect that with some new projects I’m working on.

Photogrammetry is a really cool technique where you scan in a subject through photo’s which I’m planning to make tutorial videos for regarding the basics there of. This came kind of as a result of meeting someone else who explored it but encountered issues that he was not familiar with that I did know the answer to.

For games, I’m currently reaching out to some starters and looking for some kind of community game development or modding project to join as a hobby.

If anything I said resonates with you, you’re stuck on a project, or you just feel like it, send me a message.

Have a nice day!


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