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Gig Impressions dropped to 0 and stats declining


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Hey there,
Hope all of you are doing fine
I wanted to know that why did my impressions dropped to zero and after that my gig lost its ranking and went from first page to the last row in the third page.
Ever since then there’s been a massive decrease in my sales and i just became a LEVEL ONE Seller last month.
It;s really freaking me out can you guys help resolve this issue?
Thanks in advance
Here’s the link to my Gig

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After moving up to a new level the fiver algorithm will promote your gigs less and start promoting new sellers gigs to give them a chance. This is one reason why impressions could have dropped.

Other reasons for low impressions include updating your gig or less buyer interest.

You say ‘zero’. If it’s actually at 0 then I would also suggest checking your gig is truly active with CS. However, if you found it on the 3rd page I’m guessing it is.

Don’t worry. It happens to everyone. Impressions go up and down. Just keep doing a good job and impressions will increase again. It may just take a couple of weeks or months.

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