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Beware to Seller Level One or Two


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Beware to Seller that have too many cleared orders.

So, i’ve been 1 year on fiverr as buyer. But i’ve been active only for 3 last months as seller and already reach level 2 seller.

Here’s the problem.
I’ve got 20 minimum active order almost every weeks.
Because we’re working as team, we need to separate the earning per order.
Revenues Page on Fiverr doesn’t have filters. They just give us link to spesific order.

That’s why i make my own Google Sheets system. So i know who owns the money in my team per orders.
And I realized, there’s chance 1 per month, the order not appeared on Revenues Page.

First time I realized that because $500 order. Of course I will notice, I’ve been waiting for it lol.
Sent the problem on customer services, and they fixed it.

After that i’ve become wary. And this month, i experienced that again even only $40.
Already passed 19 days for that order and still not appeared on Revenues Page.
I sent the message to customer services and tired to do this every month.

Well, they will fix that for sure. but how about seller that not noticed this?
I think the revenues page is worked manually.

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