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Let's Share Fiverr Best & Worst Experience GUYS : )


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Hi Guys,

My name is Awais & here on Fiverr I’m catering my services on the hot niche of “Video Animation” from one & half years. ( www.fiverr.com/awais_animation )

Best Experience:
Today I will share the funniest thing that happened to me on the platform of Fiverr three months ago.

On the 3rd of August, I received an order from my client for 3 minutes & a 30secs long video which was going to take me a minimum of 15-17 hours. The funny thing was the delivery was one day & I had the exam on the same day 😅

I didn’t want to lose this order & also I didn’t want to get failed in my exam. So what should I do? 🧐

After thinking about it for half an hour I first thought to ask my client to please cancel this order :sleepy: then my brain cames with a new idea that why not attempt only that part of paper which will give me the passing marks & I will leave the room in an hour or so rather than attempting the whole paper for 5 hours 😅

I did the same & I got passed in that exam :rofl: & also got this review from my client:

" Chose this seller based on his glowing reviews and portfolio! He was able to deliver a high quality project for me in a very short amount of time. Excellent communication around the clock, flexibility, and dedication to make sure everything was exactly the way I wanted it. Thank you so much! "

After managing well I also got the tip of $15 😍

Worst Experience:
My worst experience on Fiverr was that I lost my Level 1 Badge because of a buyer’s mistake. Later I contacted the Customer Support & they helped me but to regain my Level 1 Badge I had to wait for 30 days. It was my worst experience.

Drop your experiences guys I will love to read them 🙂


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