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Don't get caught up doing this


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I had a buyer today ask me to do the following. They asked me to do a video of me logging into my Fiverr account and showing how much is in the account… yea you read that right. They said it was so they could show their students they were making money. Not.

If anyone asks you to do that give them a big fat…No.

There is a good chance someone doing this is selling a WSO regardless of what they tell you and probably have got no clue how fiverr works and are just looking to turn some quick sales. This will result in an influx of people into the forum complaining they are not making any sales…again…This will then result in the moderators having a collective mental breakdown and having to spend some not so quality time with nurse Ratched, so don’t do it.

They could also be on a fishing expedition to see if any accounts are worth hijacking, so if anyone asks you to do this say no. Not only is it wrong but you are inviting trouble with a capital “T”.

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