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Somebody sold me a video already on youtube


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ive been in contact with a seller over the last week. and I paid for a gig to make a nursery rhyme for my channel. the video was great on delivery . I started another video with the same seller again. only to find out that when I uploaded the video I first purchased it was material that has already been uploaded onto youtube . youtube took down my video as soon as it was uploaded for copyright

I want my money back

what shall I do

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Yes, report this.

As a seller this offends me greatly. Sorry to hear it has happened.

Also understand why YouTube has pinged the material. I may be simply that they see it is the same and not a true copyright breach. Read the reasons carefully as you may only need to show that you have the rights to use the material.

As a buyer, did you check that they offer original/unique work (not that this should need to be stated)? Also did you choose a low-price Gig as sadly many of them are about cutting corners so next time, choose a provider who present as a professional overall - unique work for a fair price (for all as $5 helps no one ever). Often those with videos are more likely to be trustworthy as they have put their face on the line.

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