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People give you their phone #? Don't throw the ToS book at them just yet


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If you’ll see an uptick of people sending you their phone #, or asking you about 6 months projects and weekly call-ins, better pause a moment, before you throw the manual at them or even report them, they might just have read Fiverr’s latest blog post about how to welcome a Fiverr freelancer to their project …


3. Set Up a Phone Call

Do you have a team call coming up that would be helpful for your freelancer to attend?
Use the messaging feature on the Fiverr platform to send a quick note with the details of the call topic, time and number. You can also message them to set-up regular check-in calls to answer questions or review the progress of a lengthy, detailed project.
For example, if a project will span 6 months, weekly calls help ensure that things are moving in the right direction, on time.

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She might be a pro and doesn’t even know that only pro can have calls.

But even they can’t have weekly calls on a 6 month project (order), at least not unless it was split into multiple orders up to 30 days each.

I’m also not sure about the “It’s practically impossible for this document to be too long, so share as much information as you’d like!” bit. Surely you don’t want requirements documents with thousands of pages 😀

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The blog constantly contradicts itself. There was a post the other day pretty much encouraging spam by suggesting that sellers get in contact with former buyers to see if they need help with anything. Absolutely acceptable business practice outside of Fiverr, but grounds for a banning within Fiverr.

It’s pretty embarrassing that their marketing department are allowed to post stuff like this, as it just suggests that whoever they’re outsourcing the writing work to has absolutely no clue about how Fiverr actually works.

A few years ago I worked for a domain name registrar, and all of our marketing material would be written by marketing, then handed to someone in the more technical side of the business to give a green-tick to… Then it would go to legal and compliance for the same thing. It slowed things down a bit, but it stopped us from looking foolish.

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