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Is there such a thing as packaging GIGS?


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So, I’m just setting up as a Seller, and I plan to offer three separate but complementary Gigs, each with the usual three Packages.

All Gigs have to do with marketing. One addresses creating your client avatar, another deals with qualifying prospects and uncovering their pain, and the third focuses on easily creating a one-minute commercial.

Each Gig stands well on its own, but they’d be really powerful if they were purchased together.

Is there any way to cross-promote these three Gigs?

Thanks for the help!

  • Kathleen
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That would be nice!

I used to add certain packages from my other gigs as extras to my gigs. Because buyers are prompted to buy extras after they buy a package, they may add those extras.

It’s not a package, yes, but it can be a pretty lucrative work-around.

Nice idea, @melanielm! I’d recommend making the features a bit different, though, to prevent Fiverr from deleting a gig for being repetitive. Fiverr is pretty strict about repetitive gigs. Sometimes weirdly strict. I don’t really agree with this, I just think it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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