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After 1 month i regain my all of gig


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  • 8 months later...

same this happening to me… my gig was in top 3 list but suddenly its gone… not even showing in 100… this is totally shit. man…

@doxt_design, all sellers are competing with thousands of other sellers for appearance on the first page (or, in the “top 3” as you stated). All of those thousands of sellers cannot all be on the first page, so, the search algorithm rotates gigs. As a result, sometimes you gigs will be at the bottom, sometimes they will be at the top, other times they will show up in the middle somewhere. The algorithm is dynamic; no seller is guaranteed search engine placement where they demand to appear.

If you need more sales, you do still have the ability to market and promote your services on your own, to bring in your own target customers. The only person who can make you successful is you you… so, what actions are YOU taking to achieve the level of sales you want?

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