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My Stats Haven't Been the Greatest


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My full time jobs have been crazy busy and I haven’t been doing so well with getting my orders out. I rely on my Fiverr income to help pay a couple of bills, so I can’t really afford to take a step back. But the dip in my stats has led to a dip in my orders as well. I’m guessing that people who aren’t performing as well don’t show up as frequently in searches, which makes sense given the nature of this site. I’m prepared to do the work to get my performance back up to par.

Do you guys have any tips on managing your time more effectively or what you do when you get to a spot where you’re overwhelmed?

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At the beginning of the week, I take out my planner and write down everything I know I have to do. I take any “free time” I’ll have during the day and write it out for each of the days. Then, I take what I need to do and allot each time slot something productive I can do. Then, throughout the week, as priorities change, it’s a lot easier to tack things on. Time before work, breaks, and lunch are great times to power through a section of an order or something else important.

I’ll attach a screenshot of my order plan from a bit ago to show you want I mean.


This is pretty old, but as you can see, I write all I have to do and assign it a time. This helps me to maximize my day and leave less to do at the end of it. I also suggest working in spurts and figuring out how much time something will take you to do beforehand. It keeps you from wasting time and helps you find gaps where you can stick things.

That’s what I do, but I’m sure others do different things that work better for them. 🙂

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