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Difference between Sheriff OR Moderator? Is there one?


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@ voiceoverwork

Was very pleased to see your new status when I checked in today

Well done!!


I think as Fiverr has grown with more buyers, sellers and increased exposure on the internet through their advertising/social media/word-of-mouth, it was inevitable that there would be an increase of activity on the Fiverr forum.

I was amazed to read of recruitment of Fiverr employees and yet no mention of increasing moderators/sheriffs to be an extra pair of eyes on the forum.

In my view, the forum has declined (especially in the last few months) since I joined as a buyer and I now view 95% of the comments as a ‘yawn fest’. Perhaps with your extra pair of eyes it may have a turn around in structure so that forum readers can zoom into the category they are most interested in without having to read an entry that shouldn’t be there eg ‘Tips for Buyers’ and ‘Fiverr Stories’ These categories sometimes have irrelevant entries that are most annoying when I realise they shouldn’t be there

I must say, your comment here

http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/20644 [Wrong Post Sections]

was spot on as I agree with you in ‘how were they (sheriffs/modarators) expected to manage their workload AND the forum’?

I have a question though, and it is similar to yours posed here:

http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/12888 [Forum Cleanup]

who are the sheriffs and moderators now starting Jan 2014.?

Also do you know whether there is a difference between a sheriff and a moderator?

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kjblynx said: Sheriff is Fiverr's term for Forum Moderator. There is no difference, as far as I can tell.

Thanks for your input. :)

I was thinking that too but both terms are used here and to me each has a different meaning

Not that it matters as with with an extra moderator (one with special authority to enforce the rules on a forum) AND an extra sheriff (one who has more authority than a moderator to enforce rules) onboard, there should be a marked improvement on postings, comment placements and external links duration prior to removal.

voiceoverwork said: Fiverr is like the old Wild West and I think the term Sheriff is fitting for the Forum moderators.

Ha, ha!

You've summed up your new combined status in one sentence!

Flash that badge is all I'll say ;-)

Congrats again!

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