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How to edit my gig


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Hi, thanks for any help!!! I need to make a few changes! also, about SHIPPING>>>>>I want to know if I can ship to US only for starters because I don’t know how to figure international prices…How much of shipping does Fiverr get, 20% , the same as gig fees??
please please please help!
thanks much!

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When you edit your gig you can either go to your gig and press your green button the would say “edit gig” or go to sales then to to the right and there are some options. Click on “my gigs” then there will be the list of gigs you have. Then you just click the gig you want to edit.

For the shipping I recommend if you for example set a price for everyone that would be suitable and won’t give you a loss (such as the price of three gigs ) so it would be just lucky for you if you get a national order because you will be getting more of that money to yourself.

Yes, fiver takes 20% to the shipping too but you can always increase it by 20% and let your customers pay it.

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I had this problem and the above feedback did not help. However I found a solution that might work for you.

What you do is search for your gig posting in the search area just like some other person would. Then click on your link as if you were someone else going to look at it. It is here that you get that ‘big green button’ saying edit your post.

I never go this option if I went to my gig through the ‘dashboard’ way.

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Please how can i upload a sample of the task that i have done to my gig,because when i go to edit ny gig there is no any option of uploading tthem

please help

It really depends on the category you’re in… You’ll be able to upload GIG images, PDF files, audio, and video. Edit gig> Gallery is the place to upload your stuff. Just be creative with showcasing your gig sample images!

A good place to start ⬇️


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