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Fiverr Download Speed is SUPER SUPER SLOW


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Guest appfliiq

Not network related, Fiverr seems to run out of bandwidth sometimes. Usually towards the evenings. In the mornings it's usually normal. I have tested this a couple of times with same results. Also tested with different networks and even different countries, but same results. Downloads are faster in the morning and midnight.

SOLUTION: Use third party file sharing services (e.g Google Drive)

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So everyone saying it's your network problem should be ignored. You have made the thread worse and is equivalent to "lol works on my machine sux to be u"

Actual facts from actual investigation:

  • The content is being stored on an AWS s3 bucket
  • Content is likely being stored in a specific region, which is why we have mixed speeds.

To get around this issue, you need to inspect the network traffic and grab the actual S3 link to the file. Ultimately this will lead to a file which has a signature which will expire within a certain time frame. Once you have that, you can utilize download managers with multiple streams to force the speed to go up.

In chrome:

  • RIght click on your delivery area and click inspect
  • now navigate to Network tab in the inspector and click the little 🚫 symbol to clear network traffic logs
  • now click on your download link. A GET request will appear. You can click it to see the actual link that Fiverr has returned to you - that's your secure URL for you that you're ultimately downloading through
  • Paste that into a download manager or your downloader of choice and you'll get increased speeds

This took me from literally ~5-20kbps to ~1mbps, which was critical for a delivery.


ref image for visual learners ❤️ 


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42 minutes ago, tareque_graphic said:

It is depend on your broadbrand or wifi connection.

This is a great example of a response which adds nothing to the thread and helps noone. 

Please stop assuming people are so stupid that they haven't compared data speeds and haven't specifically googled 'slow fiverr speed' because the download speed is different to what they expect as normal using their current internet connection.

People find this thread because something is out of the ordinary, or unexpected when compared with what 'normal' looks like.  

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On 11/8/2019 at 3:00 PM, aamarteam said:

Am I the only one who faced, Download Speed is super slow in Fiverr?

my other files from drive is downloading faster i have 100mbps internet connection, but when i download from fiverr it is taking 10 hours, please check the image below, can any one tell me how to solve this problem


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20 hours ago, designerthings said:

I am facing this issue right now 😭

I'm sorry to hear that. I know upgrading the wireless speed is not a possibility for everyone. Personally on slow internet days I tend to use my phone's wi-fi or I've also been known to go to a cafe or wi-fi bar, and that's helped me lots.

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